From the Desk of Theresa Cerullo

Partner Ministry Letter

I pray that my favorite Bible verse will be a special encouragement to you …

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11, NIV

Beloved, you know that Morris and I prayed daily for you.

Now that he is with the Lord, I continue to stand in the gap for you. We have prayed, and I know that God will remain faithful and answer the prayers I pray on your behalf.

Even through the difficult times, God will be faithful to you!

As I prayed for you, the Lord prompted me to establish TEN DAYS OF PRAYER … to break the strongholds of the enemy off your life … to set the captives free … to release Atonement miracles into your life and your family … to see your health and finances prosper!

These TEN anointed DAYS OF PRAYER will be your time of:

1) Spiritual refreshing and encouragement
2) Fresh revelation from “thus saith the Lord”
3) New consecration and dedication
4) Spiritual preparation to open new doors
5) Supernatural strength and power
6) Divine visitations and connections
7) Spiritual breakthrough
8) Holiness and intimacy with God
9) Miraculous healing for you
10) An outpouring of God’s abundant harvest!

Expect to see God’s miracles! During these TEN DAYS OF PRAYER, you and I will go on an incredible, spiritual experience with the living God …

From sundown, Friday, September 18 to sundown, Monday, September 28 … we will experience the Ten Jewish Days of Awe! Come with me to an experience that is so spiritually significant and miraculous … a celebration of the Day of Atonement unlike any other.

The Lord has set aside TEN special days from Rosh Hashanah (the beginning of the Jewish New Year) through the Day of Atonement on September 28. Within these 10 miracle days, I believe God will release His delivering power to meet the needs in your life! That’s why, I want to have your prayer requests in my hand.

Beloved, the difference between answers to prayer and defeat is walking in God’s timing. These TEN DAYS OF AWE have been appointed for you. This will be your time for miracle after miracle! God will bring you to a new level of breakthrough, because He wants to release His atonement provision into your life until there is an undeniable overflow of His wonderful blessings!

Let’s join together in faith, prayer and consecration for 10 DAYS … your obedience to the Lord will open up the heavens over your life … I am certain of this! God has promised to release His superabundant provision so that you can receive your ten atonement blessings. This season is marked by our faithfulness to bring our best atonement offering to the Lord.

As you give, claim your ten blessings of the atonement!!!

Morris always said, “The keys to your breakthrough is timing.” Therefore, do not delay, and send me your special prayer requests as well … for the RELEASE of God’s Day of Atonement blessings! Present your offering to the Lord with great joy and thanksgiving.

God loves you … and He has destined for you to receive the MIGHTY, YOKE-BREAKING POWER OF GOD during these TEN anointed DAYS OF AWE! I remember hearing Morris say, so many times, “Faith is a fact … but FAITH IS ALSO AN ACT!” Take this special step of faith with me today!

My Faithful Offering

God’s servant,

Morris Cerullo