I am rushing this message so you will not miss God’s “Appointed Time” … Time is running out … Passover is April 15 and is the one day that could change your life forever.

On this very same day, Good Friday, April 15, we will air a worldwide Communion service I conducted at the Garden Tomb in Israel. During this sacred service we will commemorate our Passover Lamb … the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself as a sacrifice for our sins and purchased our redemption and healing through His shed blood. You can stream this Passover Communion service online at at 9 a.m. (ET) … I pray you do not miss it!

Watch Now: Passover Event Promo

This is your “Appointed Time,” the day God ordained for his children to present their Passover offering before the Lord as God’s Commanded Blessing. Just as the Passover Lamb was to be perfect without spot or blemish, you can give a Passover Offering of 7 God’s number of perfection.

You can give a Passover Offering of $7 X 5 or $35
You can give a Passover Offering of $7 X 7 or $49
You can give a Passover Offering of $7 X 15 or $105

No matter the amount … give a PASSOVER OFFERING OF 7.


God decreed in Exodus 23:15: no one shall appear before Him empty handed. Your Passover Offering must be your very best!

With your best sacrificial Passover Offering God has Promised 7 Extraordinary Passover Blessings!

  1. An Angel of God will be assigned to protect and lead you.
  2. God will be an enemy to your enemies.
  3. The Lord will prosper you.
  4. God will take sickness away from you.
  5. You will not die before your appointed time.
  6. Increase and inheritance will be yours.
  7. What the enemy has stolen will be returned to you.

Tap into God’s Passover Blessings NOW

Prosperity, protection, divine health, a new beginning and God’s 7 Passover promises will be yours as you unlock God’s favor with your very best sacrificial Passover Offering to the Lord.

  • Don’t miss placing your offering before the Lord at the Feast of Passover. Prepare your very best … your sacrificial offering of perfection in obedience to God’s Commanded Blessings.

With your Passover Offering I will rush you my book, Seasons of Blessings, Promises and Provision of God’s Appointed Times.

In this book, I unveil how your Heavenly Father’s most amazing blessings are offered through His “appointed times” … The Feasts of Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles.

I will show you how to keep these appointments with God so you can be blessed exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or think! You can believe this promise from Ephesians 3:20-21!

Don’t miss your Passover Commanded Blessings God has decreed for this “appointed time” … Give your PASSOVER OFFERING today and I will send you Seasons of Blessings immediately.


One Day can change your life forever!!!