Beloved, God gave me this prophecy for you:
“God will crowd into the remainder of your days so much harvest that it will compensate for the years of insufficiency …
… You shall overcome every lamented loss!”

Thus saith the Lord, “I give My people the gift of divine authority, that when they speak the Word, it will come to pass!” Believe God’s prophet and receive God’s Words:

You will know God like you’ve never known Him before!
There is a line drawn between the circumstances of the world and God’s people. You are on the right side of the line!
God’s people are going to experience the greatest manifestation of blessing, prosperity, and favor!
God is giving you supernatural protection and provision!
When God directs you to do the unusual, believe that He has prepared the supernatural for you.

Print as many copies as you like, share with your friends, family, neighbors, and church members.