Beloved, the world is sitting on a powder keg—ready to explode—in this Global Call to Prayer magazine, I open my heart—and take you to a new level of strategic, spiritual warfare prayer. In this magazine you will discover…
There is power and strength in your prayers.
The Church must understand that we possess a secret weapon.
We need—and must have—divinely energized prayer.
God is raising up “Spiritual Terrorists”!
40 days of revelation and preparation; fulfillment and supernatural provision; spiritual refreshing and strengthening; and spiritual breakthroughs.
Through prayer you can prevail with God for the nations of the world!
Order your copies today and share them with your friends, family, neighbors, and church members.
Prayer is the ONLY answer for the current world crises. Join me and millions of Christians worldwide in 40 days of intensified prayer, worship, and spiritual warfare—December 1, 2014 to January 9, 2015.