What does it really mean to live supernaturally, to truly live beyond the natural sphere and work the miracles of Almighty God? In one of Dr. Cerullo’s foundational teachings, you will learn how to be used of God and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by demonstrating the works of God. You will discover critically important truths, such as:

   •   exactly who is a minister

   •   go past the point of blessing into the realm of power

   •   God is not depending on what we are, but what He can make of us

   •   how to have the faith of God without struggling

   •   what does it really mean to preach the Gospel

   •   assess the enemy’s strength and defeat him

Order this core teaching from a man who has dedicated more than 65 years in ministry around the world, training millions on how to discover their true God-given destiny, reach the remote corners of the world for the Gospel, take territory for God and tear down the strongholds of the enemy. Through his own inimitable, dynamic teaching style, Dr. Cerullo will teach you what is necessary to demonstrate the miracle-working power of God. Order today!