Would you say to me, “Brother Cerullo, I have prayed for things and needs in my life. I’ve asked God to heal my physical body, for my finances, for problems in my family, but God has just not answered my prayers.” You may feel that God is a respecter of persons, as you hear testimonies of Christians all around you who seem to have virtually every prayer answered miraculously. Or maybe you are one of those I have seen walk out of a victory miracle crusade meeting where the power of God has healed broken bodies, cured cancer and arthritis, and set hundreds free from habits of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, yet your need was not met.

If you relate to what I am saying, then this message is for you! You may not know it, but I have sought the face of God for you. I have fasted and interceded for the answer to your unanswered prayers. This revelation came to me while I was alone in the woods in northern upstate New York, under a strong anointing to intercede for God’s people. The Holy Spirit came upon me, and God said, “Take out your pen and write these seven steps. And if my people will obey these seven steps, I will answer every need in their life.”

In this book, Seven Steps To Personal Victory you will experience God’s answer to every prayer you have ever prayed. God has not forsaken you! Don’t miss it! This is the answer to the prayers you have been praying. Order today!