Dear Friend

Theresa and I warmly invite you to view our online Testimonies. Just click on the tab that says “Testimonies.” You’ll find our “Testimony of the Month,” plus links to other awesome testimonies covering many different life situations.

Jesus often used real life stories and examples to teach the crowds who gathered around Him. With compassion, He related to the needs of the people. Jesus worked incredible miracles in their lives and circumstances. . .miracles of healing, deliverance and provision!

A blind man saw, a demoniac was set free, a raging storm became calm, and a little boy’s lunch fed thousands. Each one of these people who had been touched by Jesus became a living “testimony” of the Father’s goodness. You can imagine their excitement as they shared what Jesus had done for them with their family, friends and neighbors – and how encouraged and uplifted all who heard these testimonies became!

What God has done for others, He can do for you!

As you read the thrilling, modern-day testimonies on my website, I want you to be encouraged, too. Friend, know that God is no respecter of persons and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Whatever your need is – healing, family, finances or other concern – what God has done for others, He can do for you!

Friend, now it’s your turn. . .

Has God answered your prayer – the one you called in to my Helpline, or while you were watching Victory Today!; maybe you emailed your prayer request to me, or you experienced a miracle at a Morris Cerullo School of Ministry or Conference? I want to hear about it!

  • Have you experienced healing in your body or been set free from addictions?
  • Have you experienced restoration in your marriage, family or other relationships?
  • Have you experienced financial breakthrough, increase or debt-cancellation?
  • Have you seen God’s intervention in any other area of your life?

One of the ways we defeat the devil is through sharing our testimony:

And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony…
(Revelation 12:11)

If you would like to be an encouragement to our website visitors that “what God did for you, He can do for them, too;” please click on the tab that says “Submit Your Testimony.” (We will include only your first name, or initials, and state in any version of your testimony that we use for print or broadcast purposes.)

Thank you for visiting my website. Theresa and I daily lift up the needs of our partners and friends to the throne room of God and believe with you in faith that you will receive your miracle very soon!