The Amazing Story of the Life and Ministry of Morris Cerullo, Includes Miracle Stories That You Have Never Heard Before!

This amazing story started in an Orthodox, Jewish orphanage in New Jersey when Morris received the Messiah, Jesus. There, he experienced an awesome revelation of heaven and hell, and his life started on an incredible journey.

Millions around the world have been touched by the dedication and faith of Morris’s life and ministry. God has used him to ignite a spiritual hunger and passion in people’s hearts to see the miraculous working in their lives. Now, this is your time to experience that same spiritual fire as you read this amazing life story.

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You will read:

  • Miracle stories that you have never heard before!
  • How after being orphaned, Morris Cerullo was placed in a Jewish orphanage.
  • How through miraculous circumstances, Morris Cerullo, a Jew, learned that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.
  • Morris’s divine calling and the early days of his ministry.
  • God’s mandate to build Him an army.
  • About the miracles he has experienced.
  • How he met his wife, Theresa, more than 60 years ago.
  • How God told him, “I don’t want this ministry to die.”
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