Dear Friend,

The 50-day countdown between Passover and Pentecost is in its final days. Pentecost Sunday is June 5th, and I don’t want you to miss your DIVINE APPOINTMENT.

Two life-changing events on God’s calendar intersect on Sunday, June 5th:

  1. Pentecost Sunday … which forever is sealed as the Day of Pentecost. When God fulfilled His promise that He would fill Jesus’ disciples with a demonstration of the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, with signs and wonders.
  2. The Feast of Pentecost … The Feast of Pentecost is one of three feasts God gave to His people to be celebrated forever. Ephesians 3:6 assures us that the promises of the Feast of Pentecost would be God’s gift for you and I and for all generations who follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Feast of Pentecost and the Day of Pentecost celebrated on Sunday, June 5th is God’s appointed time when He invites you to come before Him with your worship and special offerings … to fill you with His power and to bless you with His promises.

The Feast of Pentecost is 50 days from the Feast of Passover. This year, that day falls on Pentecost Sunday, June 5th. Don’t miss God’s timing. Honor God’s 50th day by presenting to the Lord a Pentecost offering of 50 … $50, $100, $150 … whatever amount God lays on your heart to give.

Friend, my special thank you for your Pentecost offering is my book, Supernatural—God’s Power for Your Breakthroughs, which will show you how to take what is in your hand and see God’s supernatural power manifest phenomenal breakthroughs.

  1. An angel to protect you;
  2. The defeat of your enemies;
  3. Blessings to prosper you;
  4. To take sickness from you;
  5. A long abundant life;
  6. Increased inheritance; and,
  7. To return all the Devil has stolen from you.

These 7 PENTECOST PROMISES can be yours as you obey God’s instruction to worship Him and plant a Pentecost seed offering.

Our senior associate ministers and prayer army will join you, praying “in one accord,” as we pray the prayer of agreement for your Pentecost breakthrough. We will ask God to release His 7 Pentecost blessings … an abundance of God’s provision to overflow your life and meet your every need.

This is God’s promise to you when you are faithful to celebrate His Pentecost Feast. Don’t miss your APPOINTED TIME.

Give your special Pentecost Blessing Seed gift.

Request your personal copy of Supernatural and I will rush it to you.

Pentecost Sunday is your day … don’t miss it.


Believing God for your Pentecost Blessing,

David Cerullo's signature

PS: Mom and I and our prayer warriors from the nations of the world are going pray that God releases the 7 blessings of Pentecost to overflow to you and your family.

God has ordained June 5, Pentecost Sunday as your Divine Appointment with Him. With the sowing of Your Pentecost Blessings Seed, you can rightfully claim and expect to reap your harvest of Pentecost Blessings. Give your Pentecost offering by wire transfer today!

Dont miss your Divine Appointment!!!

Friend, as you sow into the Kingdom through our ministry, know that you are sowing into fertile ground as, together, we build God an Army of Holy Spirit empowered believers around the world.  May God richly bless you to overflowing as you faithfully celebrate the Feast of Pentecost.

Your friend,

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P.S. I have received hundreds of testimonies from partners who celebrate God’s special feasts and receive the promises. As you faithfully celebrate The Feast of Pentecost this year, be sure to let me know how God’s blessings overflow in your life. You can respond the form below to send your prayer requests and your testimony of God’s Pentecost Blessings in your life.