Dear Friend, during this critical time when Israel has been shaken as never before, we must cover the nation with the Greater Love of Jesus the Messiah who laid down His life to bring them peace.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)

There has never been a greater time when the Jew has needed the love, support, and prayers of we who have been engrafted into the lineage of Jesus Christ.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. (Psalms 122:6)

This is God’s covenant promise to prosper His children … but it also serves as a divine call to pray for our Jewish brethren who are currently enduring unprecedented suffering.

Jews are facing an unparalleled level of terror today, witnessing the unspeakable horror of losing their loved ones, including babies, children, wives, husbands, and grandparents to violently brutal acts of slaughter at the hands of the Hamas terrorists.

The entire nation has been stricken with the trauma of war, and from hearts shattered by grief, they are crying out for God to bring deliverance, healing, and peace to their homeland.

Hearing the cries from God’s children, I am calling you, Friend, and every other partner, minister, and member of God’s Army to bind our hearts to pray and plant our precious seeds to bring peace to Jerusalem … and the comforting presence of God’s Holy Spirit to envelop every Jew suffering under the bondage of the Israel War.

No Greater Love …

With your prayers and support for God’s Chosen People, we will intensify our Jewish World Outreach to Jews in Israel and around the world.

GOD’S PLAN FOR YOU: Our revolutionary animated presentation of salvation, God’s Plan for You, is translated into the Russian language and is being broadcast via Facebook to reach thousands of Russian Jews in Israel. Last year, over 16,000 from this outreach in Israel responded by praying the prayer of salvation!

MIRACLE OF SALVATION PRAYER VIDEO: Through the worldwide web, the Miracle of Salvation Prayer Video translated into Hebrew is taking the message of the Greater Love of the Messiah to God’s Chosen people in Jerusalem, throughout Israel, and to the uttermost parts of the earth. During troubling times when the heart of the Jew is so broken, they are saying “yes” I have prayed the prayer of salvation!!!

COMPASSIONATE EVANGELISM: Victims of war in Israel are in desperate need of food, clothing, shelter, and the caring support of Jewish believers who can show them the love of the Messiah, and we are there.

Our Compassionate Evangelism ministry is sending medical aid and bringing healing and hope in Israel to Jews in numbers we have never seen before. Funds are urgently needed to intensify and increase this critical outreach.

Friend, as my dear and faithful friend of our ministry, I am asking you to pray about a special Greater Love Seed Gift to expand the borders of our Jewish World Outreach from Jerusalem, Judea, and to the uttermost parts of the earth.

There is no Greater Love than to give part of our lives … our seed money … to bring the Greater Blessing of redemption through the Messiah to seeking Jews.

Your Greater Blessing …

Your Greater Love Seed gift is sealed with the covenant promise of God’s commanded blessing which has been the solid rock foundation of our Jewish World Outreach for over fifty years.

And I will bless them that bless thee …
(Genesis 12:3)

Hold on to your promise … it is yours … never let it go!

There could be no greater love … there could be no greater blessing … than your Greater Love Seed Gift to take redemption through the shed blood of Messiah to the seed of Abraham.

With your Greater Love Seed Gift … is your covenant promise of His Greater Blessing returned to you.

Your Greater Love Seed of $50 is a Greater Blessing …
Your Greater Love Seed of $75 is a Greater Blessing …
Your Greater Love Seed of $100 is a Greater Blessing …

Right now, I believe God is speaking to your heart with the amount of your seed gift that will truly be a Greater Love Seed Gift.

Prove God, trust God, and then honor God with the specific amount He lays on your heart to plant into the ever-increasing fertile soil of our Jewish World Outreach.

With your Greater Love Seed Gift, I want to send you a very special thank you that symbolizes our love and support for Israel … it is the I Stand With Israel bracelet.

I am praying that this stunning bracelet will be an inspirational reminder for you to pray for peace in Jerusalem … and be your point of contact as you believe God for His Greater Blessing upon your life.

This is our time as God’s children to take a stand for Israel and show the Jewish people our love and support. With your Greater Love Seed gift, I will send your I Stand with Israel bracelet with my prayer that God will bless you and prosper you as he has promised to those who bless Israel.

Friend, make this a moment of destiny for you and the nation of Israel. Plant your Greater Love Seed Gift to expand the borders of our Jewish World Outreach during this Year of Increase.

Pray for Increase!

Believe God for His generational promise of the Greater Blessing to be released in your life to meet your needs and overflow into greater abundance than you could ever imagine.

Praying for your Greater Blessing,

David Cerullo


With your Greater Love Seed gift, I will also place your name on a Greater Love Prayer Petition for Israel. Our senior Associate Minister, Don Mandell, will take the Prayer Petition for Israel to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. There at the Wailing Wall, he will serve as our representative, fervently praying for God to bring peace to Israel through the divine intervention of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

From the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem We Will Pray for Peace in Israel!