The Philippines: Morris Cerullo Partners Launch a Powerful Ministry!


On this Frontline News, I want to share with you the testimony of Jeff and Joseline Krack. Jeff and Joseline were first introduced to my dad, Morris Cerullo, at a School of Ministry, where dad anointed and set them apart as missionaries to the Philippines. They subsequently planted ten churches in the Antique province.

I pray that it is an encouragement and a blessing to you that, as you willingly and obediently follow the Lord, He will use you. He will give you divine appointments and people to minister to in your own life for His glory. – David.

It never ceases to amaze me how God used a young married couple like us, Jeff, a Midwesterner from Illinois, USA; and Joseline, a recent Filipino immigrant to the United States, to minister effectively to Antique in the Philippines (Joseline’s rural, isolated, witchcraft infested home province). Yet, I know the reason behind the success was the anointing of the Holy Spirit that was imparted to us through Morris Cerullo. We were preparing to fly to the Philippines in late October to be missionaries when we decided to attend the Labor Day School of Ministry in Denver, Colorado prior to leaving.


On the last day of the conference, Morris Cerullo anointed us with oil. We asked for additional prayer since we were leaving the country to be missionaries.

Morris proceeded to blow with his mouth the fire of the Holy Spirit, and suddenly the Holy Spirit engulfed, immersed, and submersed us in His baptism. For thirty minutes, the Holy Spirit saturated us powerfully with His Presence. After leaving this conference, this anointing has stayed with us wherever we have gone.

Shortly after arriving in the Philippines, we ministered in the province capital of Antique, San Jose, before a crowd of 500 people. Many people were saved, healed, delivered, and slain in the Holy Spirit. For the next two years, we were an integral part of an evangelistic team that completed ten crusades in ten towns, which resulted in planting ten churches spread from the north to the south of Antique’s long, narrow province.

Multiple people were delivered from demons. Witchcraft was very prevalent in Antique. But the mighty ministry of the Holy Spirit was an effective means to reach the lost. In one of the crusades in the Arobo village, a witch was gloriously saved and delivered, throwing her demonic priestess ring into a field.

The crusade that touched Joseline’s heart the most was in her home village, Guisijan, where she grew up. At the time of the crusade, there were no Bible-believing churches in her town. At this crusade, approximately 300 people attended, with forty people accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior.

With all these converts, Guisijan now needed a church building. God had already provided that building about two years earlier. Jeff was at a Morris Cerullo partner’s conference in Palm Springs, California. A special offering for the mission to the former Soviet Union countries was received at this conference.


During the service, Morris Cerullo asked the partners to give sacrificially, to give until it hurts, and give the most they had ever given at one time. Jeff obeyed God’s prophet and gave the most he had ever given at one time.

A few months later, Joseline’s relative from Guisijan called her, pleading with her to buy her home before the bank foreclosed it. This home was on the main road of her village in an ideal location for a church. Joseline agreed to a specific price for her relative’s house.

Unknown to both Joseline and her relative, the sale price was almost the same as the earlier offering to Morris Cerullo’s Mission To All The World. This miracle church building has been the home of the Guisijan Church for the last twenty years.

That large offering at Palm Springs revolutionized our giving, showing us to be led by the Holy Spirit to give generously and give sacrificially in faith. It taught us if we give sacrificially to someone else’s dream, then God will provide richly for our God-given dreams. Our sacrificial giving by faith has continued since then.

Over the next thirteen years, the Guisijan church continued to grow by adding four churches in surrounding villages, where Joseline’s sister, Daisy, became the Pastor.


One November, super typhoon Haiyan headed directly toward Joseline’s island, Panay. This super typhoon was the most powerful typhoon to hit the Philippines in modern times, with sustained winds of 180 MPH at first landfall and killing over 6,000 people.

As this storm was preparing to hit Panay Island, we called Joseline’s sister Daisy. The three of us prayed in agreement against the storm. Jeff cursed the core of the storm and rebuked the storm’s eye using the name of Jesus.

Early in the morning, we turned on the weather website and saw how right before the storm was going to make a direct hit on Panay Island, this powerful storm’s eye collapsed and reformed north of Panay Island. God’s intervention spared the Antique province catastrophic damage and death.


Together with Daisy and with the Guisijan Church congregation’s help, we packed hundreds of family-size food packages to feed families in Guisijan and the surrounding villages. Three days after the storm, we were, in the name of Jesus, feeding the poor and discouraged people in Antique’s province.

By sharing the love of Jesus over the next three weeks and distributing food to multiple villages surrounding Guisijan, people’s hearts opened to the Gospel. Over the next few years, many new outreaches launched in new villages directly relating to our ministering to the people in their time of need and distress.


We thank the ministry of Morris Cerullo for training and equipping us to be part of God’s Victorious Army. The Holy Spirit’s Baptism, the training on sacrificial faith

giving, and the prophetic prayer mantle we received from Morris Cerullo World Evangelism are integral parts of our ministry’s effectiveness.

Today, we are strong anointed prophetic prayer ministers preparing to start another chapter in our lives.The Holy Spirit is sending us out throughout the United States, the Philippines, and to the world to awaken and prepare the Body of Christ for Jesus Christ’s return. Our new ministry is called, “Revive Us O Lord Ministries.”

Sow your God’s Victorious Army seed for upcoming outreaches in Southeast Asia, remembering the Krack’s sacrificial giving in faith, and the faithfulness of God to provide for them. Your seed sown into the good soil of God’s Victorious Army will reap an amazing harvest for you!