Partner Ministry Letter

A Note From Theresa: Beloved Partner, receive this anointed Word from Tommy Barnett, who serves on the Board of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism. Receive the multiplication anointing … that will release increase, growth, and supernatural harvest … into your finances, your life, and your ministry.

God’s Multiplication Anointing is for You!
By Tommy Barnett

Receive God’s supernatural harvest, growth blessing and increase for your finances, your life, and your ministry!

It is an honor and joy to be with you wonderful people on this historic night. You are sitting in a vision that was born in the heart of a young man many years ago.

I remember the first Voice of Healing Convention being held in my dad’s church. I was fourteen. Great men of God came and stayed at our house: Jack Coe, William Branham, Gordon Lindsey. The youngest of the group was a guy of about twenty years old. His name was Morris Cerullo. The verdict was not in on him yet. We were all watching to see what would happen with this young man. That was sixty-nine years ago.

You’ve heard people say, “I’m a self-made man.” I want you to know that I am NOT a self-made man. When I was a young man, I had access to many great men of God, and they taught me vitally important things.

Oral Roberts deposited in me a thing called “seed- faith.” It changed the way I thought. Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho taught me how to believe God. My father, Hershel Barnett, taught me integrity. He’d say, “Son, it’s always right to do right.”

Morris Cerullo taught me the power of multiplication.
When we multiply ourselves, build an army for God, and pour into other people’s lives, there is a replication and an expansion for the glory of God.

In my youth, I had an inferiority complex. When a guest speaker at my Bible school told me, “You can make a difference in the world,” I thought to myself, He has the audacity to look at me and say that I can make a difference?

He said, “You may not be able to make a difference in the whole world, but you can make a difference in YOUR world.” I said, “I can do that.”

Through the years, I’ve learned that if I will make a difference in my little world, then God will use me to make a difference in the world.

Morris Cerullo truly lived a legendary life, and this place is called Legacy Center. He made a difference and left a legacy. To leave a legacy in the world, you got to have a sense of humor because things don’t always go well.

Years ago, I went to hear a pastor speak about how to be successful and build a great ministry. I sat on the front row with my pad and pen. “Today,” he said, “I’m going to tell you what makes a man great. One word: trouble.” Then he walked off the stage. I had written one word—trouble.

Legacy was not built without trouble. Morris’s and Theresa’s lives have been threatened. They have fought demons and witchcraft. They experienced great financial needs. You don’t hear much about the troubles that they went through.

There are great secrets to leaving a legacy, and I’m going to share them with you …

God’s Secrets to Leaving a Legacy

Make every day a masterpiece. Approach life as an empty canvas. Each day, paint a masterpiece you can present to God in the evening. Every day doesn’t go well, but every day is a new day. It’s a new opportunity to do something for the glory of God.

Whatever you want in life, you’ve got to give it away. If you want peace, be a peacemaker. If you want finances and money—it’s a paradox, it seems—but you’ve got to give it away.

Serve your generation. The happiest person is the person who lives their life for other people. King David served his generation until he died. Morris Cerullo lived a life of servanthood. He gave his life for others.

Enlarge your circle of love. We exclude so many people from our circle of love. I’m so glad that God didn’t shut me out of His circle of love.

Find needs, and fill them. Find hurts, and heal them. When a little sparrow falls, it gets God’s attention. If I can reach out to the people in my church that nobody else wants, I can get God’s attention and blessing.

Enjoy the trip. Don’t be so intent on fulfilling the dream that you miss out on enjoying the trip. MC enjoyed the trip. He would tell me about every one of these Legacy Center buildings. He told me about the ride over the Holy Land. Like a kid, he was so excited to present the Gospel in a way that would make people enjoy it.

Get a vision of the finish line. The older you get, the more important it is to have a vision of the finish line. I’m not looking in the rearview mirror. I’m looking ahead of me, but if I could live my life over again, I would dream bigger dreams and take bigger risks. Never catch up with your dream.

More Souls Reached After Morris Graduates to Heaven

About three days before Morris Cerullo went to the hospital and eventually went to be with the Lord, I was here at Legacy. Those days are very precious to me. He said, “Would you come over?” They had invited about a hundred pastors to tour the Legacy Center.

MC said, “I want you to stay at this hotel that we have built.” I have stayed in hotels all over the world, but I’ve never stayed in a place like this. He put me up in the top suite, and I had dinner with him and Mama at Theresa’s Steakhouse. It was a very precious night. We talked a lot and laughed a lot.

“How are you going to do that?” I asked. MC has spoken to more people, live crowds, (not including television), than any other man of God in history. He said, “I’ve got a disciple here. I’ve got another preacher here. They’ll take care of North and South Africa and can teach a School of Ministry anywhere. They can preach it and see great miracles for the glory of God.”

Morris had a vision of the finish line, but he wanted to go beyond that. His desire was to win more people to Jesus Christ after his death than he did while he was on earth. This Legacy Center is magnificent, but this is not his legacy. The Lord had said to Morris, “Son, build Me an army!” Millions of people have been and are in that army. I have visited some of the greatest churches in the world, and their pastors came out of this ministry.

God used Morris as few people are ever used. He had the multiplication anointing. Morris finished strong. Very few people, especially ministers, finish strong. They get bitter or trapped in the cares of life.

Receive the Multiplication Anointing!

When we were trying to pay off the Dream Center in Los Angeles. I had a deal with the people who owned it that we would give them $200,000 down and pay off the rest within six months. As the time approached, we still needed $2 million.

If we didn’t get the money, they would take it back, and we would lose the Dream Center AND all of the money that we had already put into it.

A man from Argentina came and preached in our church. He had the multiplication anointing. He started his church from nothing; eight years later, he had 265,000 people. He asked, “Pastor Barnett and Matthew, would you like the multiplication anointing?” We said, “Yeah!” He said, “Come up on the platform.”

We went up on the platform, and he said, “Put out your hands.” He reached in his pocket and took out a handful of mustard seeds, sifted them into our hands, laid his hands on us, and began to pray. He breathed on us, and said, “God, give them the multiplication anointing.” He prayed for a lot of people that night, but Matthew and I said, “We receive that!”

A man in our church in Phoenix was the only congregant against us going to California. He said that the vision in Phoenix was big enough. So, I didn’t talk to him about the Dream Center or the money that we needed to keep it. Then one day, he said, “Will you take me over to that Dream Center?” I really didn’t want his negativity there, but he was a good giver. I took him on a tour. I saw him tear up, and he’s not an emotional man. I took him to the hotel, and said, “I’ll pick you up tonight.”

He called me that afternoon, and said, “Would you come a little early? I’ve got to talk to you.” I went early. He said, “I’ve never seen anything like what I saw today” and wrote me a check for $1 million. He said, “I just called my son. He wants to meet with you next week.” The next week, I met with the man’s son, and he wrote another check for $1 million. Neither of them knew that we needed that exact amount!

God’s Multiplication Anointing Is For You!

In the last twenty years of my life, I have seen more miracles than I’ve seen the entire forty years before that. I truly believe there is a multiplication anointing.

God would love to send that multiplication anointing to YOU! I want God to impart to you the same multiplication anointing that I received.

Perhaps you have a dream of building a business or ministry for the glory of God. Maybe your current business or ministry is hurting and has financial needs. God wants to send you this multiplication anointing.

I’m on the board of MCWE. As we were nearing the completion of Legacy, we needed more money. MC always said he would build it debt-free. I said, “You can borrow money” but he declared: “We will not borrow one penny! God will send it in, and it will be debt-free!”

It was built debt-free; but just when it was opening, the virus hit. The hotel and restaurant couldn’t operate. None of the wonderful attractions could operate. God spoke to me: “You need to ask people to give the most unusual gift that they have ever given to the work of God.”

Everything that we have belongs to God. God is not the God of poverty. He gave you everything to enjoy, but when He needs it, be willing to release it for His Kingdom. When we do the unusual, God does the spectacular.

Jesus sent His disciples into a city and told them they would find a colt tied up that had never been ridden and take it. He told them that if anybody questioned them to reply, “The Lord has need of it.”

Every one of you who loves Brother Cerullo’s ministry, consider giving the most unusual gift that you have ever given. This year, our worldwide outreaches are huge. Millions can be reached through your ministry. Give your special offering today.

Everybody needs to give their most unusual gift. You can have the multiplication anointing, but you’ve got to sow into it.

Sow Into This Ministry …
for the Multiplication You Need!

God will give you the multiplication, when you sow into this Legacy Center worldwide outreach!

Partner, God impressed upon me to give $5,000. He is speaking to people all over the world to do something for this ministry. Respond to the Lord today. Give God the glory for what He is about to do for you! Bring your best seed-faith offering and give the Lord a great shout of praise!

Father, I’ve opened my heart and shared some simple points. God, we love this ministry with all of our heart. We need to sow into this worldwide outreach today. I pray, in the Name of Jesus, that Your Holy Spirit will speak to people right now. Help them not to put it off because when they sow, they will reap.

Father, cause the multiplication anointing to come upon them! If we sow a little, we will reap a little (Galatians 6:9). But, we are going to sow gigantically and reap a gigantic harvest, in Jesus’ Name.

My Seed-Faith Offering

*Receive God’s multiplication anointing and Pastor Tommy’s DVD, God’s Multiplication Anointing, when you sow into this Legacy Center worldwide outreach!