• God is bringing you into a new position of power, authority, and dominion. He has destined you to be a man or woman of power and authority through whom He can manifest His supernatural power. The greatest outpouring of God's Spirit is yet to come. He hasn't planned to put any limitations on the release of His power through you. Through you, God wants to heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead, and fulfill His will in this end-time hour. Take your position of power and authority as a child of God and a joint-heir with Christ.
  • You will discover spiritual strategies to overcoming and slaying your giants - the circumstances and situation in your life. You will have 100% victory, 100% of the time. God's servant will take you deep into the trials and victories of David, Jehoshaphat and Peter, to reveal to you God's unchangeable keys for personal victory.
  • The Financial Freedom Bible includes economic caveats and financial wisdom gleaned by Dr. Morris Cerullo from my more than six decades of experience as a leading international Christian minister. This one-of-a-kind Bible has the answers to financial crises sweeping the world and is a must-read for every concerned individual, family, business person, entrepreneur, and nation. Includes the following features: Over 1,600 pages of chain-referenced commentaries, charts, and illustrations Easy-to-follow symbols Easy to read print Power principles for successful business God's cycle of supernatural provision Includes a bookmark with financial freedom symbols and the eight laws of the harvest Get yours today!
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