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    Miracle Series

    By: Morris Cerullo Invite divine, life-changing moments into your life with the special Miracle Series package designed just for you! Marvel at stories of faith, love, courage and victory as each powerful book can bring profound changes to your outlook on life. Your heart, soul, and spirit will thank you for reading these books as you take a journey with each page in this three-book series of... The Miracle Book Miracles: You Haven't Seen Anything Yet! Kathryn Kuhlman's Miracle's Voice Get your Miracle book bundle today and step into the realm of the miraculous! *While Supplies Last
  • By: David Cerullo Find powerful Biblical secrets for multiplying God’s blessings and taking your life from ordinary to EXTRA-ORDINARY! David Cerullo will help you discover: • How God’s double portion blessings will change every area of your life • The surest path to receiving your double portion • Why you can recover double of anything the enemy has stolen • How to keep from squandering your double portion inheritance It’s time to believe God for breakthroughs above and beyond anything you’ve dreamed of before! David Cerullo’s book will help you discover your Heavenly Father’s amazing plan to help you receive His blessings so you can bless others, gain wealth without sorrow, and live a life of overflowing abundance! God’s plan is to bless you and make you a blessing, and Prosperity God’s Way is the guide to help you get started!
  • Christ is coming for a holy, anointed, OVERCOMING Church! He is building His Church and He said, ...the gates of hell shall not prevail against us! His purpose for the Church is, and always has been, to transform us into a powerful, victorious, overcoming CHURCH! His intention is regardless of what the enemy may try to do to defeat us, we will be strong and immovable—OVERCOMERS! This book will explore the promises Christ gave the seven churches in Revelation 2-3 to those who OVERCOME. We will look at how each of the eight promises relate to the Church today and Christ’s plan for us to be an OVERCOMING CHURCH.
  • Read inspiring testimonies by people from around the globe transformed through the anointing that rests upon Dr. Morris Cerullo. Some are National ministry leaders, while others are individual Christians who are impacting their churches, families, and communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Experience the anointing through the pages of the book. Encounter the same breakthrough anointing in your life and ministry!
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